Desmodium ochroleucum M.A. Curtis ex Canby

Locations ofDesmodium ochroleucum M.A. Curtis ex Canby in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Desmodium ochroleucum M.A. Curtis ex Canby
Common Name
Cream-flowered Tick-trefoil
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Desmodium ochroleucum M.A. Curtis ex Canby
Until recently, this elusive, globally rare species was known in Virginia from historical collections in six counties, and had not been collected in almost 50 years. In 2017, it was rediscovered on a fluvial terrace woodland along the Pamunkey River in New Kent County. An additional two populations were found in 2023 along roadsides in Hanover and New Kent Counties. A previous report of Desmodium ochroleucum from Chesterfield County was based on a misidentification.
Dry or dry-mesic woodlands, clearings, and road banks. Rare in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont; known primarily from a few historical collections, with three known extant sites. The Virginia habitats described on herbarium labels vary from dry and sandy to rich and calcareous; over its global range, the species appears to have a general affiliation with soils weathered from calcareous or mafic substrates.
Native Status

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