Desmodium paniculatum (L.) DC. var. paniculatum

Locations ofDesmodium paniculatum (L.) DC. var. paniculatum in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Desmodium paniculatum (L.) DC. var. paniculatum
Common Name
Narrow-leaf Tick-trefoil, Panicled-leaf Tick-trefoil
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Desmodium paniculatum (L.) DC. var paniculatum
One of our most common and widespread tick-trefoils. See comments under Desmodium paniculatum var. epetiolatum. There is a form of Desmodium paniculatum with very narrow leaflets that resemble those of D. strictum and D. tenuifolium. This form, however, has articles with angled lower margins (vs. curved in D. strictum and D. tenuifolium), arcuate leaflet venation (vs. straight/reticulate), and leaflets that are ever so slightly lance-linear (vs. linear). See bottom photo at right. Herbarium specimens should be checked for potential misidentifications.
Dry to mesic open forests, woodlands, clearings, old fields, and roadsides. Common throughout.
Native Status

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