Desmodium perplexum Schub.

Locations ofDesmodium perplexum Schub. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Desmodium perplexum Schub.
Common Name
Perplexing Tick-trefoil
Desmodium dillenii Darl.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Desmodium perplexum Schub.
See comment under D. glabellum, from which this species can be very difficult to separate. Desmodium perplexum was subsumed under D. paniculatum in many past Virginia studies, and its map is very incomplete; it probably occurs in every Virginia county. There are numerous specimens of a rather distinctive, short-statured, small-leaved form of D. perplexum from alluvial and swamp forests in the eastern part of the state. This may represent a legitimate variety of Desmodium perplexum, or possibly an undescribed species.
Wet to dry forests, woodlands, clearings, old fields, and roadsides. Common throughout.
Native Status

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