Enemion biternatum Raf.

Locations ofEnemion biternatum Raf. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Enemion biternatum Raf.
Common Name
False Rue-anemone
Isopyrum biternatum (Raf.) Torr. & Gray
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Enemion biternatum Raf.
Also known as Isopyrum biternatum. Unquestionably indigenous along the Hyco River in Halifax County and the Meherrin River in Southampton County. A Fairfax County population, although occurring in a believable habitat along the Potomac River, is almost certainly introduced. Virginia populations are significantly disjunct from west of the Appalachians to the Piedmont and inner Coastal Plain, a pattern also found in North Carolina.
Rich, well-drained floodplain forests; usually on high, fertile levees and terraces with Acer floridanum, Carya cordiformis, Celtis occidentalis, etc. Often associated with other unusual (for these sites) species such as Phacelia covillei and Trillium sessile. Rare in the Piedmont (Hyco River) and inner Coastal Plain (Meherrin River).
Native Status

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