Galium tinctorium L.

Locations ofGalium tinctorium L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Galium tinctorium L.
Common Name
Three-lobed Bedstraw
Galium tinctorium L. var. tinctorium; Galium tinctorium L. var. floridanum Wieg.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Galium tinctorium L. var. floridanum Wieg. + Galium tinctorium L. var. tinctorium
Flora of Virginia and Flora of the Southeastern U.S. recognize two vars. in Virginia. Var. tinctorium is widespread; var. floridanum is a coarser plant with long peduncles and broader pairs of fruit that is more southern in distribution. Fernald (Rhodora 47: 180, 1949) reported it from Southampton Co. and Virginia Beach City, but FSUS says it is mostly on the Coastal Plain but "extends inland to w. Virginia ...." Only a small percentage of herbarium specimens are identified at a varietal level. Moreover, the morphological, geographical, and habitat distinctions between the two taxa in our area have not been studied and are very poorly known. Until we have better data, mapping at species level is the best we can do.
Swamps, freshwater tidal marshes, fens, ditches, and wet meadows. Frequent throughout.
Native Status

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