Gentiana austromontana Pringle & Sharp

Locations ofGentiana austromontana Pringle & Sharp in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Gentiana austromontana Pringle & Sharp
Common Name
Appalachian Gentian
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Gentiana austromontana Pringle & Sharp
This species was named and described in 1964 but was lumped under the similar Gentiana clausa in all the hard-copy editions of the Atlas (1977-1992). Therefore, the current map may be incomplete and specimens with the name G. clausa at some herbaria need critical re-examination.
Middle- to higher-elevation forests, including Northern Red Oak forests, northern hardwood forests, montane mixed oak and oak-hickory forests. Infrequent, mountains of the Central and Southern Blue Ridge and higher ridges of the sw. Ridge and Valley; apparently absent from far sw. Virginia.
Native Status

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