Gratiola virginiana L. var. virginiana

Locations ofGratiola virginiana L. var. virginiana in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Gratiola virginiana L. var. virginiana
Common Name
Round-fruit Hedge-hyssop
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Gratiola virginiana L.
Plants of estuarine region wetlands, either tidally inundated or seasonally flooded (in adjacent non-tidal wetlands), produce sessile, self-pollinating flowers and have wide, rounded leaves; they have been called var. aestuariorum Pennell, which is treated separately here (see taxon page and map). A similar variant of Lindernia dubia (var. inundata) also occurs.
Alluvial swamps, floodplain ponds and pools, seepage swamp hollows, depression ponds, muddy bars and shores, and impoundments; typically in seasonally flooded habitats. Common in the Coastal Plain; more local in the Piedmont; disjunct to a mountain sinkhole pond in Rockbridge County.
Native Status

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