Hepatica acutiloba DC.

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Botanical Name
Hepatica acutiloba DC.
Common Name
Sharp-lobed Hepatica, Sharp-lobed Liverleaf
Anemone acutiloba (DC.) G. Lawson; Hepatica nobilis P. Miller var. acuta (Pursh) Steyermark
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hepatica acutiloba DC.
FNA treats this as Anemone acutiloba (DC.) G. Lawson; it is also sometimes treated as var. acuta of the Eurasian H. nobilis (A. hepatica).
Placement of our Hepatica spp. in Anemone by Hoot et al. (1994, Syst. Bot. 19: 169-200) is based on molecular phylogenetic studies which included only Hepatica americana. While technically "within" Anemone, Hepatica falls out in a peripheral position in the clade adjacent to the outgroup (Clematis). Previous non-molecular studies have emphasized the unique morphology in Hepatica (position of involucre, stalked achenes, foliar characters, and absence of above-ground stem). These seem reason enough to maintain Hepatica at the level of genus pending more comprehensive phylogenetic studies.
Mesic to dry, rich forests and woodlands over limestone, dolostone, calcareous siltstone, calcareous sandstone, and mafic rocks. Frequent to locally common in the southern half of the mountains; infrequent to rare in nw. Virginia.
Native Status

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