Iliamna remota Greene

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Botanical Name
Iliamna remota Greene
Common Name
Kankakee Mallow, Kankakee Globe-mallow
Iliamna rivularis (Douglas ex Hooker) Greene var. rivularis, in part
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Iliamna remota Greene
A species remarkably disjunct from nw. Indiana and ne. Illinois to western Virginia. Although some have suggested it was introduced to our area via dispersal of midwestern propagules along railroads, molecular data suggests it is native and has been here a long time; see Slotta and Porter, 2006, Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 151: 345-354 . Its relationship to Iliamna corei Sherff is still uncertain owing to a variable genome, some plants being closer to I. corei while others are closer to Illinois I. remota.
Rocky and gravelly river shores and depositional bars; also found along roadside rights-of-way and railroad embankments. Rare in wc. mountains, along and near the James River and its tributaries in Alleghany, Bedford, Botetourt, and Rockbridge counties.
Native Status

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