Cornus obliqua Raf.

Locations ofCornus obliqua Raf. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Cornus obliqua Raf.
Common Name
Silky Dogwood
Cornus amomum P. Mill. ssp. obliqua (Raf.) J.S. Wilson; Swida obliqua (Raf.) Moldenke
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Cornus obliqua Raf.
This species is at the edge of its range in northern and western Virginia. Along the Potomac River in northern Virginia, some intergrades with Cornus amomum appear to be present but "good" specimens of ssp. obliqua are also well represented. Such "good" specimens seem very distinct morphologically from C. amomum; however, these may prove to be better treated as subspecies of a broader C. amomum concept.
Frequently flood-scoured rocky river shores and outcrops. Rare in the mountains and n. Piedmont.
Native Status

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