Leucospora multifida (Michx.) Nutt.

Locations ofLeucospora multifida (Michx.) Nutt. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Leucospora multifida (Michx.) Nutt.
Common Name
Narrow-leaf Paleseed
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Leucospora multifida (Michx.) Nutt.
The nativity of this species is questionable. Native to the c. and sc. U.S., it may be a recent introduction along riparian corridors from the west. It was first found along the Potomac River in Loudoun Co. in 1972 by Ted Bradley, then at Carvin's Cove Reservoir by Fleming and Patterson in 2007. More recently, it has been collected repeatedly in multiple counties in the Piedmont and mountain reaches of the James River, along the Clinch River in Russell Co., and along the Potomac River in Fairfax Co. It appears to be rapidly spreading into new sites along these rivers, as well as expanding its populations at known sites.
Seasonally exposed, sandy or silty shores of rivers and impoundments. Infrequent, Piedmont and mountains; known only from the Potomac and James rivers in the Piedmont, and Carvins Cove Reservoir (Roanoke River drainage) and Clinch River in the the Ridge and Valley.
Native Status
Not Specified

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