Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume

Locations ofLindera benzoin (L.) Blume in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume
Common Name
Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume var. pubescens (Palmer & Steyerm.) Rehd.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume
The genus needs study; most authors seem to give only cursory reference to two varieties: var. benzoin and var. pubescens (Palmer & Steyermark) Rehder. Lindera subcoriacea Wofford has been attributed to the Virginia Coastal Plain, and some specimens have been annotated with that name. However, the material is not convincing; with increased shading, "subcoriacea" populations appear to grade morphologically into typical "benzoin" at the same site, and there appears to be some confusion between "subcoriacea" and the "pubescens" var. of L. benzoin. Further study is warranted.
Mesic and dry-mesic upland forests, well-drained floodplain forests, seepage swamps, alluvial swamps, and tidal swamps; on uplands, it is most abundant in base-rich soils. Common throughout.
Native Status

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