Linum floridanum (Planch.) Trel. var. floridanum

Locations ofLinum floridanum (Planch.) Trel. var. floridanum in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Linum floridanum (Planch.) Trel. var. floridanum
Common Name
Florida Yellow Flax
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
in Taxa Not Treated: Unverified Taxa
The status of this taxon in Virginia is uncertain, but a map is being retained pending further investigation into the two putative collections. Rodgers in Brittonia 15: 97-122 1963) cited an "isolated station from near Washington, D.C.", presumably based on a specimen from Fairfax Co. at US collected by E.H. Walker (#3554) in 1942. However, this specimen was recently annotated to Linum intercursum Bickn. by Mark Strong. This taxon was also reportedly collected by Fernald from Dinwidie and Sussex counties in 1936; see Rhodora 39: 435 (1937). These localities in the southeast VA Coastal Plain are more plausible, yet the records were not included in Rodgers monograph, suggesting that the specimens may have been annotated to a different taxon. Linum floridanum var. floridanum otherwise ranges from e. N.C. southward on the Coastal Plain.
Border of dry sandy woods near Carson, Dinwiddie Co; dry argillaceous field north of Littleton, Sussex Co.
Native Status

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