Ludwigia polycarpa Short & Peter

Locations ofLudwigia polycarpa Short & Peter in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Ludwigia polycarpa Short & Peter
Common Name
Many-fruited Primrose-willow
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
in Taxa Not Treated: Waifs
The Buckingham County specimen supporting this record was collected and identified as Ludwigia polycarpa by two experienced Ohio botanists who would have been familiar with the species. In 1981, it was confirmed and annotated by Ludwigia specialist Ching-I Peng. This is a Midwestern species with isolated occurrences in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New England. Both Flora of the Southeastern U.S. and BONAP (Kartesz 2015) treat the Buckingham occurrence as a disjunct native one; additionally, BONAP also maps this is Bland Co., the basis for which is unknown. For now, we are considering this species of "uncertain" nativity in Virginia.
Collected in 1936 at Sprouses Corner (near Dillwyn), Buckingham Co.; Bartley and Pontius #539 (NY). No habitat is given on the specimen label.
Native Status
Not Specified

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