Mentha canadensis L.

Locations ofMentha canadensis L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Mentha canadensis L.
Common Name
Canada Mint, Wild Mint
Mentha arvensis L. ssp. canadensis (L.) H. Hara
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Mentha canadensis L.
Flora of the Southeastern U.s. reports the similar Mentha arvensis L. from the Virginia mountains, but whether or not it occurs in the state is uncertain. Apparently most, if not all, of our material is M. canadensis, many herbarium specimens of which have been labelled "Mentha arvensis" due to past lumping under the "arvensis" name.
Floodplain forests and alluvial swamps, river shore sand and gravel bars, tidal swamps, freshwater tidal marshes, calcareous fens, wet meadows and ditches. Frequent in the mountains, n. Piedmont, and n. Coastal Plain; infrequent or rare elsewhere.
Native Status

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