Erythranthe moschata (Douglas ex Lindley) Nesom

Locations ofErythranthe moschata (Douglas ex Lindley) Nesom  in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Erythranthe moschata (Douglas ex Lindley) Nesom
Common Name
Mimulus moschatus Douglas ex Lindley var. moschatus
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Erythranthe moschata (Douglas ex Lindley) Nesom
A wide-ranging molecutar study of the Phrymaceae by Barkler et al. (Pytoneuron 2012-39: 1-60) produced convincing evidence that this taxon, long known as Mimulus moschatus, is aligned with other species of the genus Erythranthe; we follow their new combination here. The status of this species as native or introduced in our region is uncertain. Pennell suggests it is native in the East only in New England. However, the species is sometimes found in remote Central and Southern Appalachian areas where unlikely to have been introduced.
Stream banks, brook banks, and spring runs. Rare, mountains; known only from Highland and Page counties.
Native Status
Not Specified

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