Monarda brevis (Fosberg & Artz) Floden

Locations ofMonarda brevis (Fosberg & Artz) Floden in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Monarda brevis (Fosberg & Artz) Floden
Common Name
Smoke Hole Bergamot
Monarda fistulosa L. var. brevis Fosberg & Artz
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Monarda brevis (Fosberg & Artz) Floden
Distinctive in is smaller stature, dark (almost shiny) upper leaf surfaces, and habitat. In addition, it flowers well before the varieties of Monarda fistulosa. Originally considered a variety of the latter, it was elevated to species rank by Floden (2017, J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 11).
In Virginia, known from a single collection by Fernald and Long 10408 (GH), from dry limestone talus near Eggleston, along the New River in Giles County. It is endemic to a small area of eastern West Virginia and western Virginia. In West Virginia, it is locally frequent on limestone and dolostone cliff faces and open, rocky, calcareous woodlands near the Smoke Hole in Pendleton County, and could potentially occur in similar habitats in nearby areas of Virginia.
Native Status

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