Nuphar sagittifolia (Walter) Pursh

Locations ofNuphar sagittifolia (Walter) Pursh in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Nuphar sagittifolia (Walter) Pursh
Common Name
Narrow-leaved Spatterdock
Nuphar sagittifolium (Walt.) Pursh (orthographic variant); Nuphar lutea J.E. Smith ssp. sagittifolia (Walter) E.O. Beal (see N. advena)
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Nuphar sagittifolia (Walt.) Pursh
While listing this as a species in FNA, the text states "probably best treated as a subspecies." In the field in Virginia, it appears distinct, with an abrupt shift from N. advena in the shallows to N. sagittifolia in deeper water.
Freshwater tidal aquatic beds and mud flats. Rare, Coastal Plain; occurs only on the Chickahominy River in James City, Charles City, and New Kent counties, where locally common, forming large floating beds.
Native Status

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