Phacelia purshii Buckl.

Locations ofPhacelia purshii Buckl. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Phacelia purshii Buckl.
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Phacelia purshii Buckl.
In a recent paper, Levy (J. Torr. Bot. Soc. 148: 1-16) makes a strong case for recognizing two varieties of this species: a more northern-ranging var. purshii with glabrous floral parts and a southern var. boykinii (Small ex A. Gray) Levy with pubescent ovary and abaxial corolla lobe surfaces. Virginia is in a zone of overlapping distribution and Levy cites several specimens of each (at VPI) from the state. At this time, further study of herbarium material is needed to flesh out the distributional differences and produce meaningful maps of the two taxa.
Well-drained, nutrient-rich floodplain forests and alluvial clearings. Infrequent in the sw. mountains, north to Amherst and Rockbridge counties; rare in the nw. mountains (Warren Co.) and Piedmont (Arlington and Campbell counties).
Native Status

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