Phemeranthus piedmontanus Ware

Locations ofPhemeranthus piedmontanus Ware in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Phemeranthus piedmontanus Ware
Common Name
Piedmont Fameflower
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Phemeranthus piedmontanus Ware
Described as a new species by Stewart Ware in Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 5(1):1-7 (2011), and known only from mafic and ultramafic outcrops of the Piedmont in Franklin Co., VA and Granville Co., NC. The type locality is Bald Knob in Rocky Mount, Va. It differs from the widespread P. teretifolius in having more stamens that are shorter than the style and having a subcapitate stigma. It resembles P. mengesii (not found in Virginia) in having fewer stamens and in being much smaller throughout.
Thin soil, moss mats, and crevices on exposed, mafic and ultramafic outcrops; the microhabitats of this species are often periodically wet by ephemeral seepage over the rocks. Rare (but extraordinarily abundant at one site), collected from four s. Piedmont sites in Franklin County.
Native Status

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