Phlox subulata L.

Locations ofPhlox subulata L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Phlox subulata L.
Common Name
Moss Phlox, Moss-pink
Phlox subulata L. var. australis Wherry; Phlox subulata L. var. brittonii (Small) Wherry; Phlox subulata L. var. subulata; Phlox subulata L. var. setacea (L.) Brand
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Phlox subulata L.
Several varieties have been ascribed to our area but are problematic and in need of study. Wherry, who created most infraspecific names, cautions "that individual plants within colonies of one variety many simulate either of the others. The characters tabulated are only dominant or average ones, and can scarcely be safely applied for identifying isolated specimens." (Bartonia 11:27-28 (1929)). This does not inspire confidence!
Dry rocky woodlands, barrens, and exposed outcrops; occurs on a wide range of geologic substrates, including limestone, dolostone, various shales, siltstone, metabasalt, amphibolite, and various felsic igneous and metasedimentary rocks. Locally frequent in the mountains (except far sw. Virginia); infrequent in the Piedmont.
Native Status

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