Physalis pubescens L.

Locations ofPhysalis pubescens L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Physalis pubescens L.
Common Name
Downy Ground-cherry
Physalis pubescens L. var. integrifolia (Dunal) Waterfall;
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Physalis pubescens L.
The map contains records of both Physalis pubescens and P. grisea, which were lumped in Ed. III of the Atlas. Herbarium work will be required to map these taxa separately.
Two vars. of Physalis pubescens are sometimes recognized: var. integrifolia (Dunal) Waterfall and var. pubescens. These allegedly differ in fruit size and leaf toothing, characters that seem pretty trivial in a weedy genus like Physalis. These infraspecific taxa are not formally recognized here, but may be worthy of further investigation.
Sandy fields, riverside sand bars, rock outcrops, and other open or lightly shaded habitats. Infrequent throughout.
Native Status

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