Plantago cordata Lamarck

Locations ofPlantago cordata Lamarck in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Plantago cordata Lamarck
Common Name
King-root, Heart-leaved Plantain
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Plantago cordata Lam.
Known historically from the Middle Fork of the Holson River in Smyth Co. and the Potomac River at Alexandria. Not seen since 1924. The Virginia sites are significantly disjunct from the species' primary range in the upper Midwest.
Tidal swamps and gravelly tidal shores in the Coastal Plain; flood-scoured limestone outcrops in the mountains. Rare; known historically from the tidal Potomac River and its tributary Hunting Creek in the City of Alexandria and from the Falls of the Middle Fork of the Holston River in Smyth County.
Native Status

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