Senega curtissii (A. Gray) J.F.B. Pastore & J.R. Abbott

Locations ofSenega curtissii (A. Gray) J.F.B. Pastore & J.R. Abbott in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Senega curtissii (A. Gray) J.F.B. Pastore & J.R. Abbott
Common Name
Curtiss' Milkwort
Polygala curtissii Gray
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Polygala curtissii Gray
Recent studies by Pastore et al. (2019, Taxon 68: 673-691) demonstrated that the New World members and Old World members of the large and non-monophyletic genus Polygala (sensu lato) are phylogenetically, morphologically, and geographically separated into two clades and cannot be considered congeneric. Since the type species of the genus is in the Old World group, the New World species (including all from Virginia) were re-assigned to the genus Senega Spach 1838 (Pastore et al., 2023, Ann. Mo. Bot. Gard. 108: 126-249).

As is the case with a number of Senega species, flower color on this species can be variable, ranging from whitish-pink to rose-purple.
Clearings, old fields, roadsides, and forest edges. Frequent in the Coastal Plain; infrequent in the Piedmont; rare in the mountains.
Native Status

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