Persicaria punctata (Ell.) Small

Locations ofPersicaria punctata (Ell.) Small in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Persicaria punctata (Ell.) Small
Common Name
Dotted Smartweed
Polygonum punctatum Ell.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Persicaria punctata (Elliott) Small
FNA cites studies by M. Dalci that found a wide range of phenotypic and genotypic variation with extensive overlap in many features used by Fasset to distinguish varieties. Among the taxa that have been treated as vars., FNA gives species status to Persicaria robustior (Small) E.P. Bickn., which we have mapped separately.
Alluvial swamps, seepage swamps, maritime swamps, tidal swamps, depression ponds and swamps, floodplain pools and ponds, interdune ponds, flood-scoured bars and shores, riverside prairies; tidal freshwater, oligohaline, and mesohaline marshes and tidal shores; also ubiquitous in various disturbed wetlands and moist weedy habitats. Common throughout.
Native Status

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