Fallopia scandens (L.) Holub

Locations ofFallopia scandens (L.) Holub in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Fallopia scandens (L.) Holub
Common Name
Climbing False Buckwheat
Polygonum scandens L. var. scandens
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Fallopia scandens (L.) Holub
See also map and comments for Fallopia cristata (Engelm. & Gray) Holub.

Fallopia dumetorum (L.) Holub, the European counterpart of North American F. scandens, is apparently widely introduced but seldom recognized. It is mapped for Virginia by FNA, but the documentation is unknown. Virginia specimens of F. scandens are in need of critical examination to determine whether F. dumetorum is present in the state, and if so, its status.
Mesic and dry-mesic upland forests, well-drained floodplain forests, swamp hummocks, moist to wet clearings and meadows; especially numerous in rich cove forests and rich montane oak-hickory forests; occasionally in more disturbed, weedy habitats. Common in the mountains; frequent in the Piedmont; infrequent in the Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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