Prunus virginiana L. var. virginiana

Locations ofPrunus virginiana L. var. virginiana in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Prunus virginiana L. var. virginiana
Common Name
Choke Cherry
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Prunus virginiana L. var. virginiana
Prunus virginiana var. virginiana has been recently collected from single colonies in two urban forests of the Washington, D.C. area (Arlington and Fairfax counties), where it is considered to be an introduction. The anomalous, very low-elevation habitats and the fact that this shrub has not been collected elsewhere east of the main Blue Ridge in Virginia make it unlikely that these small populations are native. Additionally, a few historical reports of this taxon from Arlington County and the City of Alexandria are believed to be based on misidentifications of other Prunus spp. (Rod Simmons, pers. comm.).
In a variety of habitats, but most typically dry-mesic, montane oak and oak-hickory forests, northern red oak forests, northern hardwood forests, boulder-field woodlands, and thin soils around outcrops; mostly at middle to higher elevations. Frequent to common in the mountains.
Native Status

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