Pycnanthemum loomisii Nutt.

Locations ofPycnanthemum loomisii Nutt. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Pycnanthemum loomisii Nutt.
Common Name
Loomis' Mountain-mint
Pycnanthemum incanum (L.) Michx. var. loomisii (Nuttall) Fernald
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Pycnanthemum loomisii Nutt.
This taxon is very difficult to distinguish from P. pycnanthemoides, differing primarily in the size, texture, and pubescence of the nutlets. The manuscript name P. incanum ssp. loomisii has been applied to some herbarium material but was never published. Map based largely on herbarium specimens annotated by Jon Hamer in 1990.
Dry upland forests, woodlands, and clearings. This species has generally been lumped with Pycnanthemum incanum and P. pycnanthemoides in previous Virginia studies, and its status and distribution relative to those of these congeners are poorly known. Specimens definitely identified as P. loomisii are primarily from across the southern half of the state. However, extensive herbarium work will be required to produce an accurate picture of its distribution and status.
Native Status

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