Pycnanthemum monotrichum Fern.

Locations ofPycnanthemum monotrichum Fern. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Pycnanthemum monotrichum Fern.
Common Name
One-hair Mountain-mint
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia (see Pycnanthemum setosum Nutt.)
A taxon allegedly endemic to Virginia, described by Fernald from Sussex County and the City of Suffolk in Rhodora 47:176 (1945). The name has never been applied elsewhere, and it is widely viewed as representing a probable hybrid of uncertain parentage. Although specimens were initially distributed to herbaria under the name P. clinopodioides Torr. & Gray, Fernald later argued for their alignment with P. setosum Nutt. However, Wieboldt et al. (in Castanea 63: 89, 1998) point out that P. monotrichum differs from P. setosum in several characters suggestive of the P. incanum (L.) Michx. complex. Further study in the field and herbarium is needed.
Dry, sandy forests and clearings. Very rare; known from two sites in the se. Virginia Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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