Pycnanthemum verticillatum (Michx.) Pers.

Locations ofPycnanthemum verticillatum (Michx.) Pers. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Pycnanthemum verticillatum (Michx.) Pers.
Common Name
Whorled Mountain-mint
Pycnanthemum verticillatum (Michx.) Pers. var. verticillatum
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Pycnanthemum verticillatum (Michx.) Pers. var verticillatum
A very problematic taxon. Forms of this species are similar to, and have been confused with, both Pycnanthemum pilosum, P. torreyi and P. muticum; hybrids may further confound identification. Virginia material needs critical evaluation.
Wet meadows, fens, and stream banks, as well as moist, open upland forests and clearings. Infrequent throughout. Interestingly, some sources list the habitats of this species as dry, rocky upland forests, barrens, and clearings; in Virginia, however, it is similar to Pycnanthemum muticum in having a strong association with mesic to wet habitats.
Native Status

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