Quercus montana Willd.

Locations ofQuercus montana Willd. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Quercus montana Willd.
Common Name
Chestnut Oak, Rock Chestnut Oak
Quercus prinus L.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Quercus montana Willd.
This species is unquestionably the most common tree on dry rocky ridges of acidic sedimentary and metasedimentary rock in the Ridge and Valley, Blue Ridge, and inner Piedmont foothills. It is the dominant species over hundreds of square kilometers of such habitat in western Virginia.
Dry to occasionally mesic upland forests, woodlands, and shale barrens;
most characteristic of exposed sites with rocky or shallow soils. Common in the mountains, Piedmont, and inner Coastal Plain north of the James River; infrequent to rare in the s. and outer Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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