Ranunculus septentrionalis Poir.

Locations ofRanunculus septentrionalis Poir. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Ranunculus septentrionalis Poir.
Common Name
Carolina Buttercup
Ranunculus carolinianus DC.; Ranunculus hispidus Michx. var. nitidus (Chapman) T. Duncan
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Ranunculus septentrionalis Poir. in Lam.
According to Haines (2007, Bot. Notes 12: 4-6), Ranunculus septentrionalis is the earliest name for the plant often called R. carolinianus or R. hispidus var. nitidus. This is unfortunate since the name R. septentrionalis has frequently been misapplied to the more northern segregate of the R. hispidus complex, the correct name for which is R. carecitorum.
Floodplain forests and swamps, seepage swamps, mafic fens, and other open to shaded wetlands. Infrequent and scattered throughout; locally common in some bottomlands.
Native Status

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