Rhamnus davurica Pallas ssp. davurica

Locations ofRhamnus davurica Pallas ssp. davurica in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Rhamnus davurica Pallas ssp. davurica
Common Name
Dahurian Buckthorn
Rhamnus davurica Pallas var. nipponica Makino
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Rhamnus davurica Pallas
Apparently introduced at the Blandy Farm State Arboretum prior to 1991 and spreading rapidly. Formerly reported as R. cathartica. More recently discovered to be well established and invasive elsewhere in Clarke County and in Frederick County.

Virginia specimens were determined as var. nipponica by A.A. Reznicek (MICH), who has studied the genus; however, according to FNA, there seems to be some question about whether such plants fall outside the range of variability of ssp. davurica.
Old fields, fencerows, and disturbed floodplains. Known only from Clarke and Frederick counties in the northern Shenandoah Valley, where locally abundant, but likely more widespread.
Native Status

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