Endotropis lanceolata (Pursh) Hauensch.

Locations ofEndotropis lanceolata (Pursh) Hauensch. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Endotropis lanceolata (Pursh) Hauensch.
Common Name
Lance-Leaved Buckthorn
Rhamnus lanceolata Pursh var. glabrata Gleason; R. lanceolata Pursh var. lanceolata
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Endotropis lanceolata (Pursh) Hauensch.
Extensive phylogenetic work by Hauenschild et al. (2016a, Taxon 65: 65-78) recognized Ventia and Frangula as genera distinct from Rhamnus. Hauenschild (2016b, Taxon 65: 926-927) subsequently corrected the name of Ventia to Endotropis.

Previously, two partially sympatric varieties were often recognized (under Rhamnus lanceolata) but appear to be of questionable taxonomic significance. Var. lanceolata, primarily of the Appalachian region, has pubescent leaves and twigs while var. glabrata Gleason) has glabrous leaves and twigs and occurs primarily west of the Appalachians. However, plants with intermediate characters are reportedly widespread in the main, midwestern range of the species, making the distinction problematic. Most Virginia material apparently conforms to var. lanceolata, but a population matching var. glabrata has been documented by J.C. Ludwig in Russell County.
Dry woodlands and barrens over limestone and dolostone, as well as fencerows and old fields on these substrates. In Virginia, it is confined to, and infrequent throughout, the Ridge and Valley province.
Native Status

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