Robinia hispida L.

Locations ofRobinia hispida L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Robinia hispida L.
Common Name
Bristly Locust
Robinia hispida L. var. fertilis (Ashe) Clausen; Robinia hispida L. var. kelseyi (Cowell ex Hutchins.) Isely; Robinia hispida L. var. rosea Pursh
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Robinia hispida L.
The map is a composite that may represent specimens of var. fertilis, var. kelseyi, var. rosea, and/or var. hispida, of which only the last is possibly native to the Appalachian part of Virginia. Identification to var. is often extremely difficult and, along with the original Virginia distribution, is confounded by generic variability and a long history of cultivation.
Dry woodlands, rock outcrops, roadsides, fencerows, and around old homesites; commonly cultivated and apparently largely naturalized, at least east of the mountains. Infrequent; scattered throughout. The species is mapped as native in counties where collected from natural habitats and/or remote locations; its nativity is uncertain in counties where collections are from roadsides and other disturbed habitats.
Native Status

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