Salix lucida Muhl.

Locations ofSalix lucida Muhl. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Salix lucida Muhl.
Common Name
Shining Willow
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Salix lucida Muhl.
Collected in 1942 by Carroll E. Wood and subsequently reported as native by Massey and Ball (1944; The Willows of Virginia). A reassessment by Salix expert George Argus in 1981 was published in Syst. Monogr. (1986) indicating that the population, albeit large (1.1 km long section along Bottom Creek), consists entirely of a "pistillate clone" that flowers profusely but does not bear seed." A nearby resident said the former landowner "introduced many plants and may have introduced this species as well." Hence, he considered the species a probable introduction.
In a shrubby, montane alluvial bottom. Rare, mountains; recorded only from Roanoke County.
Native Status

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