Micranthes caroliniana (Gray) Small

Locations ofMicranthes caroliniana (Gray) Small in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Micranthes caroliniana (Gray) Small
Common Name
Carolina Saxifrage
Saxifraga careyana Gray
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Micranthes caroliniana (A. Gray) Small
Recent studies by Max Lanning at Western Carolina University determined that most Virginia populations of the careyana/caroliniana pair are M. caroliniana. This species is characterized by having clavate stamen filaments and sepals fully reflexed at anthesis. Herbarium specimens can be difficult to determine, so notes on floral features are especially helpful. His work is published in Castanea 84(1):93-108 (2019) and our map updated accordingly. See Comment under Micranthes careyana.
Moist or dry, shaded, mostly sedimentary rock outcrops and cliffs, often under overhangs or on faces with periodic seepage; tolerant of a range of rock types and chemistries, and equally at home on limestone, siltstone, and sandstone. Infrequent in the sw. mountains, north to Carroll and Tazewell counties; although widely scattered, this species can be locally abundant.
Native Status

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