Scutellaria incana Biehler

Locations ofScutellaria incana Biehler in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Scutellaria incana Biehler
Common Name
Hoary Skullcap, Downy Skullcap
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Scutellaria incana Biehler
This species has a very unusual distribution in Virginia, with most of its occurrences isolated in six contiguous, south-central Piedmont counties. There are also a couple of isolated stations in Coastal Plain calcareous ravines of James City Co., and a single record from Cumberland Mountain in Lee County. The latter was identified as var. punctata, a Southern Appalachian segregate of the species. However, the Piedmont and James City Co. material has been problematic. The main difference between these vars. is in the pubescence of the leaf undersides, and many of the Piedmont specimens seem closer to var. punctata while also having a little sparse villous pubescence along the veins; others seem closer to var. incana, but not quite villous enough. Perhaps the isolation of these populations has led to some genetic variance, or perhaps they fall within the normal range of variation of var. incana. Until greater clarity is attained, we will treat this only at species level.
Moderately to very rich, well-drained floodplain forests, forested ravines, and stream-fronting slopes; often, but not always, in soils weathered from mafic and calcareous rocks; strictly associated with calcareous shell deposits in the Coastal Plain. Rare, sw. mountains (Lee County), sc. Piedmont (6 counties), and c. Coastal Plain (James City County).
Native Status

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