Scutellaria ovata Hill ssp. rugosa (A. Wood) Epling

Locations ofScutellaria ovata Hill ssp. rugosa (A. Wood) Epling in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Scutellaria ovata Hill ssp. rugosa (A. Wood) Epling
Common Name
Heart-leaf Skullcap
Scutellaria ovata Hill var. rugosa (A. Wood) Fern.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Scutellaria ovata Hill ssp rugosa (A. Wood) Epling
Map incomplete at the present time, as many VA herbarium specimens have not been identified to subspecies. Though not endemic to shale barren habitats, this subspecies is a regular component of these and similar habitats on other rock types. Ssp./var. virginiana is included here. Scutellaria arguta Buckley is listed in synonomy of S. ovata ssp. rugosa var. arguta by Pittman (1988) with a range of w. North Carolina and e. Tennessee. This narrow Southern Appalachian endemic was listed by Massey (1961) without basis in the herbarium or card file.
Dry to fairly mesic, rocky open forests, woodlands, barrens, and clearings over limestone, dolostone, shale, metabasalt, and other base-rich rocks. Frequent in the wc. and nw. mountains; infrequent or rare elsewhere. A Central Appalachian endemic (VA, WVA, MD).
Native Status

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