Scutellaria leonardii Epling

Locations ofScutellaria leonardii Epling in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Scutellaria leonardii Epling
Common Name
Small Skullcap, Leonard's Skullcap
Scutellaria parvula var. leonardii (Epl.) Fern.; Scutellaria parvula Michx. var. missouriensis (Torr.) Goodman & Lawson
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Scutellaria leonardii Epling
The closely related Scutelllaria parvula Michx. and S. australis (Fassett) Epling have long been alleged to occur in Virginia, but voucher evidence for the latter is lacking. Scutellaria parvula was carried through all three hard-copy editions of the Atlas, but supporting specimens for those records have proven to be S. leonardii. However, in 2014, unambiguous S. parvula was discovered on a complex of limestone flatrocks in Rockbridge County. Interestingly, S. leonardii also occurs on some of the outcrops, but the two species never co-occur on the same outcrop.
Dry, rocky woodlands, barrens, outcrop crevices, and clearings over mafic and calcareous rocks, including limestone, dolostone, calcareous shales, metabasalt, diabase, amphibolite, and gabbro. Infrequent, mountains and Piedmont.
Native Status

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