Stachys cordata Riddell

Locations ofStachys cordata Riddell in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Stachys cordata Riddell
Common Name
Heart-leaf Hedge-nettle
Stachys nuttallii Shuttlew. ex Benth., in part; Stachys riddellii House
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Stachys cordata Riddell
See Sida 20:583-583 (2002), which presents a convincing argument that the name S. cordata should be used for this taxon. Frequent in and characteristic of the Ridge and Valley and Cumberland Mountains in southwestern Virginia.
A specimen from Roanoke county is intermediate with calyx like S. cordata and leaves like S. subcordata.
Rich, mesic to dry-mesic upland forests on various substrates including limestone, dolostone, calcareous shales, and calcareous sandstone; also in rich alluvial forests; shade-tolerant. Frequent in the sw. mountains (Ridge and Valley and Cumberland Mountains), north to Pulaski and Giles counties; two outlying populations have been documented in the w. Piedmont foothills (Albemarle and Campbell counties).
Native Status

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