Stachys eplingii J. Nelson

Locations ofStachys eplingii J. Nelson in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Stachys eplingii J. Nelson
Common Name
Epling's Hedge-nettle
Stachys nuttallii Shuttlew. ex Benth., misapplied
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Stachys eplingii J. Nelson
This species has been subject to much nomenclatural confusion in the past. See Brittonia 31:491-494 (1979), Misapplication of the name Stachys nuttallii (Lamiaceae) to a new southeastern species. Despite nomenclatural confusion, this taxon is morphologically distinct. The type locality is in Fauquier County, at the western foot of the Bull Run Mountains.
Calcareous fens and wet meadows. Rare, mountains and Piedmont; a somewhat anomalous population has been documented in a Caroline County powerline clearing at the boundary of the Piedmont and Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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