Stachys arenicola Britt.

Locations ofStachys arenicola Britt. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Stachys arenicola Britt.
Common Name
Hairy Hedge-nettle
Stachys pilosa Nutt. var. arenicola (Britt.) Mulligan & Monroe; Stachys palustris L. var. pilosa (Nutt.) Fernald
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Stachys arenicola Britt.
This Stachys differs from our other native species by having spreading hairs on both the stem angles and sides (vs. angles only) and strongly velvety-pubescent foliage (vs. strigose-hairy, hispid, or glabrous foliage). See also the introduced S. palustris, of which this species was formerly treated as a variety.
Fens, wet meadows, power-line clearings, and depression swamps on soils weathered from carbonate or basic intrusive rocks; appears to be moderately shade-intolerant. Rare in mountains (Ridge and Valley), Piedmont Triassic Basin, and extreme inner Coastal Plain of n. Virginia.
Native Status

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