Sullivantia sullivantii (Torr. & Gray) Britt.

Locations ofSullivantia sullivantii (Torr. & Gray) Britt. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sullivantia sullivantii (Torr. & Gray) Britt.
Common Name
Sullivantia, Sullivant's Coolwort
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Sullivantia sullivantii (Torr. & Gray) Britt.
A remarkable disjunct occurrence discovered by Douglas W. Ogle and reported by him in "Rare vascular plants of the Clinch River gorge area of Russell County, Virginia", Castanea 54:105-110 (1989). This species has a scattered, relictual distribution, with population centers in s. Ohio, Missouri, and around the Illinois-Wisconsin-Iowa-Minnesota confluence; isolated populations occur in s. Indiana, e. Kentucky, ne. Tennessee, and sw. Virginia.
Drip zones of seeping limestone cliffs. Rare, sw. mountains; only known from cliffs of the Clinch River in central Russell County.
Native Status

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