Teucrium canadense L. var. canadense

Locations ofTeucrium canadense L. var. canadense in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Teucrium canadense L. var. canadense
Common Name
Canada Germander, American Germander
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Teucrium canadense L.
All of our plants are presumed to represent var. canadense L., which is widespread in eastern North America. Flora of the Southeastern U.S. and BONAP map the Midwestern var. occidentale as a rare introduction in Virginia, but this seems doubtful. We know of no specimens in Virginia herbaria or online databases that could support this attribution. Var. occidentale is distinguished by its glandular calyces and longer pubescence on leaf undersides.
Low mesic forests, floodplain forests, alluvial swamps, riverbanks and bars, tidal swamps, freshwater and oligohaline tidal marshes, maritime swamps and interdune swales, wet meadows, ditches, clearings, and other low, disturbed habitats. Frequent to common throughout.
Native Status

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