Trichostema coeruleum (Michx.) K.S.McClell. & Weakley

Locations ofTrichostema coeruleum (Michx.) K.S.McClell. & Weakley in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Trichostema coeruleum (Michx.) K.S.McClell. & Weakley
Common Name
False Pennyroyal
Trichostema brachiatum L.; Isanthus brachiatus (L.) BSP.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Trichostema brachiatum L.
McClelland and Weakley (2023. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 17(1): 191-257) reviewed the complex nomenclatural history of this species and concluded that the lectotype of Trichostema brachiatum is an illustration of T. dichotomum, and that therefore, T. brachiatum is conspecific with T. dichotomum. A new combination, based on Isanthus coeruleus Michx. (1803), was provided.
Dry calcareous and mafic woodlands, barrens, and outcrops; in Virginia it has been documented from sites underlain by limestone, dolostone, shale, metasiltstone, metabasalt, diabase, amphibolite, and gabbro. Infrequent but widespread in the mountains and inner Piedmont; rare in the outer Piedmont.
Native Status

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