Trifolium vesiculosum Savi

Locations ofTrifolium vesiculosum Savi in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Trifolium vesiculosum Savi
Common Name
Arrowleaf Clover
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
in Taxa Not Treated: Waifs
Trifolium vesiculosum is a robust, large-headed clover that was first reported in North America (from Mississipi and Louisiana) in 1969 (Thieret 1969, SIDA 3 (6): 446-447). It was collected in Virginia (Amelia Co.) by M.L. Smyth in 1979 and reported new for Virginia in Castanea 45:281 (1980). The species is now known from 12 southeastern and south-central U.S. states and the west coast, but with only two Virginia records for decades, it was assumed to be a waif. In 2023, Fleming and Hayden rediscovered Trifolium vesiculosum at Fort Barfoot, and additional field work is now needed to clarify its status in the state. The species is sometimes planted for forage and in wildlife food plots, but this is clearly not the case at the Fort Barfoot roadsides.
Weedy roadsides, some in alluvial soil, at Fort Barfoot (Nottoway and Brunswick cos.); also collected in Amelia County in 1979. A VPI specimen from "hayfield, vicinity of Lynchburg" is here mapped for Bedford, although the county is not specified.
Native Status

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