Valerianella radiata (L.) Dufr.

Locations ofValerianella radiata (L.) Dufr. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Valerianella radiata (L.) Dufr.
Common Name
Beaked Corn-salad
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Valerianella radiata (L.) Dufresne
Two fruit morphs in VA: forma radiata & f. fernaldii [V. r. var. fernaldii Dyal]
Moist to dry, open, disturbed habitats, including fallow fields, roadsides, ditches, clearings, stream margins, pond shores, and forest openings. Two genetic fruit forms of Valerianella radiata occur in Virginia. V. radiata f. radiata is common in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont, infrequent in the mountains; f. fernaldii is common in and mostly restricted to the Coastal Plain counties and grows in lowland habitats more often than does f. radiata. Both forms occur in apparently pure colonies and mixed together.
Native Status

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