Cardamine impatiens Linnaeus

Locations ofCardamine impatiens Linnaeus in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Cardamine impatiens Linnaeus
Common Name
Narrow-leaf Bittercress
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Cardamine impatiens L.
Native of Europe (Rollins, 1981); well established along the New River and some of its tributaries. Recently found on the James River in Bedford Co. and along the Shenandoah River North Fork in Shenandoah Co. Like garlic mustard, it grows well under a canopy and thus seems poised to become a troublesome weed. The earliest collection from Virginia known to date was made by K.A. Nicely between Narrows and Glen Lyn, Giles Co., on June 18, 1966 (NCU).
Floodplain forests, riverbanks, and flood-scoured rocky and sandy bars. Rare in the mountains, but frequent and well established along the New River and at least locally established along the James River and Shenandoah River North Fork.
Native Status

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