Viola affinis Le Conte

Locations ofViola affinis Le Conte in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viola affinis Le Conte
Common Name
LeConte's Violet, Sand Violet
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Viola affinis Le Conte
Treatments of this taxon have varied widely and confusingly in the past. McKinney (1992) considered this species to be a variety of V. sororia restricted to the far north and western U.S., and considered our plants to be referable to V. sororia var. missouriensis. As interpreted here, the name is applied to plants of moist soils and wetlands, generally glabrescent and having leaves longer than wide, as well as often hirtellous capsules. This follows the long held traditional view found in most current manuals, as well as the recent monograph of Ballard et al. (2023; Jour. Torrey Bot. Soc. 150(1): 3-266).
Floodplain forests, alluvial swamps, seepage swamps, and stream banks; also, apparently in low, moist upland forests, cove forests and mesic high-elevation forests. Frequent in some areas, but not documented in others, at least yet.
Native Status

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